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Cat and Kitten Wallpapers:
Sleepy Kitten
Kitten in Drawer
Ginger Tabby
Sleeping Tabby
Cat Baby
Teddy Kitten
Tabby Kitten
Kitten Fish Bowl
Drinking Kitten
Daisy Kitten
Bird and Chick Wallpapers:
Cute Chick
Bear Wallpapers For Your Phone:
Baby Polar
Polar Bear
Koala Bear
Dog and Puppy Wallpapers:
Cute Puppy
Puppy Ball
Puppy in the Snow
Sleepy Puppy
Football Puppy
American Flag Puppy
Puppy in the Grass
Butterfly Cellphone Wallpapers:
Butterfly on chessboard
Angel Butterfly
Bunny Cellphone Wallpapers:
Seal Cellphone Wallpapers:
Seal Puppy

Thank you for your interest in these animal wallpapers. Hopefully they will brighten your day every time you open your cellphone. We will continue to add more of these in the future. In the meantime, if you did not find what you were looking for, try visiting the Jamster! Homepage. They also have cellphone screen savers, games, and ringtones to download to your phone.
Cute Animal Quiz

On the right you will see our full listing of cute animal cellphone wallpapers. Whether you are a cat-lover, find puppies adorable, or prefer butterflies, we've got wallpapers for you. All of these animal wallpapers are provided by Just click on the one you like and you will be able to download it to your phone!

Cute Ducky is an animal-lover's web site. Please bear with us, as we are only just beginning to set up all the components of this site. In the meantime you can take our popular Cute Animal Quiz.

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