Cute Animal Quiz - Find Out What Cute Animal You Are

Which Cute Animal Are You?

Are you a puppy? Maybe a kitten. Or a chipmunk, a pony, or a cute little monkey! there are so many cute animal possibilities. This quiz will match you with your inner cute animal!

Just answer the questions below. If your exact answer doesn't appear, choose the closest one available. Have fun!

1. What do people notice about you?

2. What is your body size?
Bigger than average
About average
Smaller than average

3. What would you say about your social skills?
I'm very shy
I'm very outgoing
I'm somewhere in between

4. How often are you, uh, intimate?
Somewhat often
Not very much at all!

5. How are you when it comes to food?
I'll give anything a try
I'm rather picky

6. How do you respond to danger?
I'll get ready to fight
I'll run away

7. How physically active are you?
Very active
Only somewhat
Not so much

8. Do you prefer large crowds or being alone?
Large crowds
Being alone

9. Would you say you are more tough or more sensitive?
More tough
More sensitive

10. Do you travel far and wide?
No, I tend to stay close to home

11. Do you like it hot?
Yes, I love hot summer days
No, I prefer mild climates
No, I love snow

12. Are you quiet or noisy?
So quiet, you'll never know I'm around
Sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy
I'm often quite loud!

13. Are you clean and tidy, or a dirty birdy?
Clean and tidy
Dirty birdy

14. Can you swim?
Yes, but not well
No, not at all

15. Do you tend to become very attached to others?
I certainly do
No, not really

16. Have you ever been described as "cuddly"?

17. How about "lazy"?

18. "Friendly"?
Uh huh
Not really

19. Are you afraid of heights?
Yes. I like being on the ground!
No. Heights don't bother me.

20. When it comes to being awake, are you an early bird or a night owl?
Early bird
Night owl

21. Do you have a temper?
Yeah, watch out
No, I'm pretty calm

22. Do you like to show off?
No, I'd rather stay out of view

23. How do you feel about getting caught in the rain?
I don't mind getting wet
I hate getting wet!

24. How strong are you? Be honest.
I'm weak
I'm strong
I'm average

25. Are you quick to learn new things?
Rather quick, yeah
Not so quick, no

26. Are you good with children?
Yes, I love kids
No, I prefer not to be around them

27. Do you sleep a lot?
Not excessively, no

28. Do you tend to lead or to follow?

29. Do you climb well, by any chance?

30. Rate your appearance according to the scale below:
Rather adorable
Super adorable
Insanely adorable

31. Vegetarian or meat-eater?
Love to eat meat
Mostly veg but some meat

32. If a giant meteor hit earth, think you'd be one of the survivors?
Heck yeah, I can survive anything
Nah, I doubt I'd make it

33. Do you blend in or stand out?
Blend in
Stand out

34. Are you a fast runner?
I avoid running

35. What best describes your personality?

36. Are you similar to others or very unique?
Similar to others
Very unique

37. Do you usually do what you're told?
I usually do
I usually don't

38. Can you picture yourself being with the same person for life?
No way

39. What is your most notable physical feature?
Captivating eyes
Big ears
Cute nose
Long, beautiful hair

What is your age?

What is your gender?

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